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About Growing Early Minds

NDIS Early Intervention and Disability Support for Children

Since 1994, Growing Early Minds has been a leading provider of early intervention and disability support services in North West Sydney, Western Sydney, and Australia-wide via telehealth. Since the NDIS rollout, we have offered an increasing range of NDIS therapy services and supports.

Growing Early Minds are dedicated to supporting children with disability towards greater independence and ability to participate at home, school, and in the community. We use an evidence-based, family-centred approach to tailor support programs that suit the needs and concerns of each child and family.

Continuity and commitment to our families

Growing Early Minds provides early childhood intervention services for children with a range of developmental delays, concerns and disabilities.
As a not-for-profit, community-based organisation, we’re very proud of our history supporting families of children with disability. While the landscape of NDIS early childhood services continues to change, the continuity and commitment from Growing Early Minds remains the same.

Growing Early Minds’ mission, vision, and values

The principles behind our NDIS early intervention and disability support services

Our mission

To support and grow the potential of children, families and communities.

Our vision

To be a valued leader in the childhood intervention sector, and to achieve this with quality services that respond to the individual needs of the child and their family.

Our Values

Growing Early Minds brings ‘PRIDE’ into everything we do by being:

  • Professional – always striving to achieve professional excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Responsive – committed to demonstrating a caring approach and meeting expectations.
  • Innovative – working closely with colleagues to grow the organisation.
  • Dedicated – providing service with enthusiasm and care.
  • Ethical – encouraging and practising trust and ethical activities.
About values and vision

Why choose Growing Early Minds for your child’s NDIS early intervention services?

Skilled, compassionate and caring

At Growing Early Minds, our primary concern is the development and wellbeing of your child and family. Our skilled and compassionate team supports families and children to help them access their communities in meaningful ways.

Holistic, personal care

Using a holistic, family-centred approach, we promote inclusion and community participation throughout your journey.

Our holistic approach includes assistance and support in addition to allied health therapy services. This includes:

  • Providing contacts and linkages for mainstream and community supports
  • Offering helpful information and resources for parents and carers
  • Identifying where children may benefit from short term supports and providing those services
  • Detecting where a child will require long-term early childhood intervention, and assisting the child to gain access to funding via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We understand that navigating the NDIS isn’t always easy. To help, we strive to provide families and carers with all the information and resources they need to get the best early intervention for their child.

The Growing Early Minds Approach

A smooth path to receiving the early intervention services you need involves connecting you with the right people. To avoid the stress of having to tell your story to multiple clinicians, we link your family with a single practitioner, or Key Worker.

You won’t need to track down and talk to several different people when organising your supports. Instead, your Key Worker will communicate your situation and needs with everyone involved in your care (with your permission, of course!)

Why a single point of contact?

To make accessing your needed services easier, Growing Early Minds uses the Key Worker model wherever possible. Families are matched with a Growing Early Minds therapist who becomes their single point of contact (or Key Worker).

This model fosters the development of a strong relationship, understanding and trust between your family and your Key Worker. Our Key Worker will collaborate directly with you, your child, educators and other professionals, sharing information, knowledge and experience across disciplinary boundaries.

If another therapy service or type of intervention is recommended, the Key Worker, in agreement with your family, may involve another Growing Early Minds therapist.

Therapy in a meaningful context

Therapy is most effective when it takes place in an environment that is rich and meaningful. We offer supports in a range of natural, everyday environments, such as your home or your child’s school or childcare centre. This helps us identify opportunities for your child to practice their skills in meaningful daily settings, while supporting them to build and maintain healthy routines and habits.

Our Approach

The history of Growing Early Minds

More about how we’ve become a leading provider of NDIS ECEI and disability support services

A proud past and an inspiring future

Growing Early Minds is part of the Growing Potential Ltd Family – a well-established, community based, not-for-profit organisation with strong community ties across Western Sydney and beyond.

More than 25 years of community service

Growing Early Minds was established in 1994 as a small community-based organisation supporting children with disability and their families in western Sydney. We’ve been continuously running and growing ever since.

Growing Early Minds has successfully adapted to numerous changes in government and funding models under Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Department of Family and Community Services (ADHC) block funding.

We’ve changed our name a couple of times over the years to better reflect our organisation and the services we offer the community.

The latest rebrand to Growing Early Minds was driven by the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What does the NDIS scheme mean for Growing Early Minds and you? It means we’re now able to offer more services to our families and the community.

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