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Growing Early Minds has a team of dedicated, friendly speech-language pathologists who have experience in the diagnosis, assessment and management of written, spoken, and social communication, and mealtime matters.

Our speech-language pathologists assess and provide therapy to address difficulties in:

  • Stuttering
  • Social skills
  • Using voice
  • Feeding and swallowing
  • Articulation/pronunciation of words
  • Literacy skills – reading, writing, spelling
  • Understanding instructions and meanings
  • Expressive language – putting words together and being understood

The Growing Early Minds speech-language pathology team will work with you and your child to improve communication and feeding skills. Benefits of speech-language pathology can include:

  • Improvement in the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Clear speech/pronunciation of words so your child is understood by others
  • Development of practical social skills
  • Development of pre-literacy skills and literacy skills
  • Development of school readiness skills
  • Reducing/eliminating stuttering to produce more fluent speech
  • Improved swallowing ability and safety
  • Eating a wider variety of foods and drinks (for fussy eaters)
  • Increased ability to problem-solve in an independent environment
  • Improved vocal quality

Speech-language pathology can help a child increase their self-esteem, confidence and independence to achieve a better quality of life.

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