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Anger management for kids

Anger is a normal human emotion. We all feel it, from time to time and in varying degrees. Our kids are no different. The issue with anger is learning to recognise it, how to use it in a productive way,…

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Overcoming fussy eaters

Fussy eaters 101 For some families, mealtimes can be a war zone. Here’s everything you need to know to win the battle against your fussy eater. What is fussy eating? ‘Fussy’ or ‘picky’ eating can be very frustrating for families.…

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Is your child getting enough iron?

Iron is an important mineral. It helps carry oxygen around the body. If a child doesn’t get enough iron in the body it can lead to anaemia (low iron), tiredness, irritability, and loss of appetite, all of which can end…

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My child won’t listen to me. Help!

“Ben pack your toys away, it’s time for dinner … Ben ... Ben did you hear me? I said pack your toys away!” Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle to get their children to listen to…

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