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Autism Assessments

What happens in an Autism test?

Our autism assessment program includes a comprehensive, full-day diagnostic session. The autism test program includes a play observation, functional assessment to assess your child’s ability to participate in daily life as well as a comprehensive developmental interview.

The diagnostician considers factors such as your child’s social, communication skills and other patterns of behaviour when conducting the assessment.

Children with autism may:

  • Play alone
  • Have difficulty coping with change
  • Have unusual interests or attachments
  • Only play with a few toys or objects in unusual ways
  • Display unusual reactions to everyday sights, sounds and movements
  • Have unusual behaviours or repetitive movements such as rocking, flapping hands or walking on tip toes

We provide support, information, intervention and a range of services from parent’s workshops to navigating the NDIS, to support the needs of children on the spectrum to participate fully in life. Read a little more on Behavioural Support with Growing Early Minds with some information written by our experts.

Autism Assessment Program with Growing Early Minds

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