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Putting Pretend Play On Your Radar Workshop

Putting Pretend Play on your Radar workshop

Well done Christine, occupational therapist, from Growing Early Minds on delivering an informative and imaginative workshop on pretend play in an early childhood setting on 25 July 2018.

Teaming up with Children First Training, this tailored and interactive workshop designed for early child care educators focused on the importance of pretend play.

The workshop went into depth on the important skills children develop through pretend play, Early Learning Years Framework (ELYF) outcomes, the different pretend play stages and strategies on how to facilitate and participate in pretend play.

One of Christine’s foolproof tips she shared was to “allow children access to mundane objects such as cardboard boxes, and watch as their imagination takes them into different worlds!”

If you work at a preschool, child care centre, outside school hours (OSH) or school and would be interested in running a pretend play workshop contact us today to get started.

Christine Presenting At Educator Workshop
Christine, Occupational Therapist At Growing Early Minds
Pretend Play Activities At Educator Workshop
Pretend Play Participants
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