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Growing Early Minds Presents Autism Workshop to Childcare Educators in Max Webber Library in Blacktown 4

Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder workshop

The participants have spoken, universally praising our August 6 workshop about supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Delivered by Provisional Psychologist Dominque Howcroft from Growing Early Minds, in conjunction with Children First Training, the workshop provided background information and practical advice to approximately 35 early childhood educators.

One participant described the session as “fantastic and very engaging.”

“Trainer Dominique was clear and concise when answering questions,” they wrote.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects, among other things, the way an individual relates to his or her environment and their interaction with other people. Estimates show that 1 in 70 people have Autism Spectrum Disorder – that’s almost 230,000 Australians.

In her presentation, Dominique covered all the essential information about ASD for educators working with young children. This included points such as Identifying concerns in a child’s development and behaviour, defining ASD and identifying its characteristics, and identifying challenging behaviours.

Most importantly, it provided educators with practical strategies to support children with ASD in their care.

Workshop participants enjoyed Dominique’s clear and engaging style. “Dominique was great at explaining everything clearly,” wrote one. Another said it was a “great course that has given me useful ways to look at behaviours and their causes.”

Some participants commented that they would love a second workshop to explore ASD in greater depth: “I enjoyed this training and would love another so I could explore this topic further.”

Growing Early Minds offers training and workshops to teachers and educators from child care centres, preschools, out-of-school-hours services as well as primary schools and high schools.

We can provide tailored training on many topics, such as supporting bilingual learners and understanding typical child development.

Our experienced and qualified therapists can deliver anything from ready-to-go packages to training that’s individualised to suit the needs of your team.

Visit our educator support page for further information about packages and fees, or contact us today to discuss how we can help to meet your training needs.

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