Childhood Developmental Milestone Educator Workshop 2

Typical Child Development workshop

Incredible work by Kimberley, behaviour support practitioner, from Growing Early Minds on facilitating an in-depth, interactive 3-hour workshop on typical child developmental milestones with Children First Training.

This practical workshop went into detail on the importance of early childhood development, how children develop differently, assessing and monitoring a child’s development, the importance and role of an educator as well as what to expect by certain ages.

The workshop also included a handy tool to help educators better observe and track a child’s development and to help pinpoint potential developmental concerns. By doing so provides an objective basis to communicate openly with parents about developmental progress. The tool also addressed how to have that not-so-easy chat, and provided tips and activities for parents to continue their child’s development at home.

One of Kim’s take-home messages from the workshop was “It is best not to take a “wait and see” approach, getting professional help early will make a difference.”

If you work at a preschool or child care centre and would be interested in running this workshop contact us today to get started.

Childhood Developmental Milestone Educator Workshop 2
Childhood Developmental Milestone Educator Workshop
Typical Child Developmental Milestones Educator Training

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