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Human rights statement

Growing Early Minds will always uphold the right of all people with disabilities to live their lives free from neglect, abuse and exploitation. Growing Early Minds will;

  • promote the human and legal rights of participants with the Growing Early Minds team;
  • create an environment where risks to the legal and human rights and well-being of our participants and families are minimised; and
  • ensure that if we become aware of an instance of abuse or neglect, we respond promptly, professionally and compassionately to address the situation in accordance with the requirements of Disability Services Standards and other relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.

Growing Early Minds has a duty of care to ensure that the rights of participants within our service are respected, their well-being is safeguarded, and that they are not exposed to any form of abuse and neglect while in our service. We expect that everyone who is associated with our organisation, and is involved in providing services to our consumers will share our commitment to maintaining an organisational culture that:

  • upholds the value and dignity of our clients;
  • builds trusting relationships with our clients, their families, advocates and carers;
  • provides services in an environment that is safe and welcoming for everyone
  • empowers our clients by helping them to understand their rights;
  • makes everyone feel safe to raise concerns;
  • responds proactively to concerns and complaints when they arise; and
  • fosters collaboration with other organisations in upholding clients’ human rights and preventing abuse and neglect.

Growing Early Minds staff are mandatory reporters under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. If Growing Early Minds believes a client’s rights are infringed, or we have reason to believe that they have been abused or neglected, we will respond quickly, professionally and compassionately. The privacy and dignity of the client will always be maintained throughout this, and all, processes

This statement applies to all of our services and all employees, including paid and unpaid staff, students, and others who may act on behalf of the organisation from time to time.

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