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Building family relationships with Parent-Child Mother Goose

Parent-Child Mother Goose (PCMG) is a fun, interactive program that helps parents and carers to gain confidence and build strong relationships with their children. Used in our playgroups, PCMG is an evidence-based program that harnesses the power of rhymes, songs and stories to establish positive family patterns in the crucial early years.

While the program is targeted at adults, the children benefit from the pleasurable early experience with language and communication.

PCMG is especially suitable for parents and carers who need extra support and for children with special needs or who are otherwise at risk. Our Familylinks playgroup facilitators are trained early childhood educators who have completed additional training to become PCMG facilitators.

PCMG strengthens bondsThe PCMG program helps to strengthen bonds between parents/carers and their young children

You will meet other parents in a supportive, caring, small-group environment. The sessions are tailored to individual needs and run at a relaxed pace.

Parents learn:

  • How to enhance their child’s language development
  • How to keep children calm and settled
  • How to develop a stronger relationship with their child
  • New songs, rhymes and stories to use with their children every day
  • More about child development and developmental milestones

Children develop:

  • Early literacy skills – speech, language and communication
  • Concentration, memory and attention
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Behaviour regulation
  • A stronger connection with their parent/carer
  • Social skills – such as turn-taking and social communication
  • A love of singing, dancing and listening to stories


PCMG builds communication

PCMG helps you to communicate and connect with your child through rhymes, songs and stories

The program:

  • Begins with a settling song to encourage all participants to join the group
  • Follows a predictable pattern with welcoming songs, bouncy rhymes, touch rhymes, songs, storytelling and a goodbye song
  • Doesn’t use any props, so the children stay focused on the songs and stories
  • Repeats the same songs and rhymes over several weeks, giving children and adults the opportunity to learn them
  • Is flexible, catering for children’s ages and development.

Parents’ role:

In PCMG, the parent/carer’s role is crucial for getting the most out of the program.

We encourage parents to:

  • Support your child and help them to participate. There are no toys, books etc available during PCMG so that distractions are kept to a minimum. This is so children can be re-directed back to the group.
  • Follow the lead of the facilitators and join in with the singing and rhymes.
  • Use the rhymes, songs and stories at home to support your daily routines with your children. Many parents incorporate songs they have learnt at PCMG at pack away times, sleep time, and nappy change time.
  • Have fun! The most important thing parents can do is have fun, so that children follow your lead and get the most from the program.

One of our favourite songs

In this touch rhyme, parents draw on their child’s back.

Some snakes

Some snakes are long and some snakes are short.

Some snakes are fat and some snakes are skinny

Some snakes are straight and some snakes are wiggly.

But the scariest snakes of all are the ones that bite (walk fingers up the back to the neck and give a gentle squeeze)

And the friendliest snakes of all are the ones that tickle (tickle your child)

Find out more on the Parent-Child Mother Goose website

About Familylinks

Growing Early Minds runs Familylinks in partnership with Mission Australia’s Communities for Children program, funded by the Australian Government. Familylinks provides supported playgroups for children 0-6 years within five local Mount Druitt primary schools. We facilitate several other programs that support families, including the DRUMBEAT® program, 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching, Circle of Security® Parenting™ and free parenting programs, workshops and information sessions.

For more information contact Familylinks on 02 9625 0422 or 0434 086 887, or

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