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Familylinks Eat Play Drum Parenting Program T4, 2018 Recap

Eat Play Drum is a new program designed by Familylinks which continued again for term 4. The program is designed exclusively for mums and focuses on positive mental health. Each week, we provide two hours of child-free time where mums get to spend quality time on themselves and to connect with other like-minded mums.

This term our mums enjoyed a variety of activities and workshops such as:

    • Games day
    • Tie-dye workshop
    • Girls Night (Day) In
    • Home-made moisturiser
    • Mindful colouring in
    • Drumming
    • Christmas card making

Drumming is a continuous component in the program and we found all our mums enjoyed getting involved and were eager to learn new rhythms each week. Our mums particularly enjoyed “One Drum at a Time” where one person starts a rhythm and each person builds on that rhythm until everyone in the circle is drumming. The aim is to make sure that we listen to one another and add a complimentary rhythm so everyone is playing in harmony, which can be challenging at times. At the end of the term, our mums delivered a drumming performance to their children, which the children loved watching.

Another highlight from this term included the Girls Night (Day) In, whereby we raised money for Breast Cancer. The day involved plenty of games, laughs and delicious homemade food.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating Eat Play Drum this term and it has given us the opportunity to build strong relationships with our mums as well as watch new friendships blossom within the group. Another positive outcome is that the mums are now confident in suggesting activities and they are all eager to return in 2019” says Jeanette Lord – Familylinks Coordinator.

Over to you. Do you have an activity you’d like to suggest for our next Eat Play Drum? Tell us how you focus on your positive mental health?

Are you interested in more parenting programs? Make sure you check back to this website to view all our parenting programs, follow Familylinks on Facebook or call 02 9625 0422.

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