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Familylinks Eat Play Drum Parenting Program

Eat Play Drum is a new program designed by Familylinks, which launched in term 3, 2018 and ran for 8-weeks. We asked Jeanette and Donna from Familylinks to tell us more about this new and exciting parenting program.

Can you tell us more about the program?

The Eat Play Drum parenting program is designed for mums, as a two-hour child free workshop, where they spend quality time with other mums getting creative and relaxing. This program was implemented at the request of several parents that had just completed an 8-week Circle of Security course, as they wanted to continue to meet but wanted to participate in fun activities where they could be themselves not just ‘mums’.

Throughout the program participants had the opportunity to sit and chat whilst engaging in an activity. Activities included:

    • Relaxation/meditation
    • Therapeutic colouring-in
    • Father’s Day card making
    • Cooking e.g. cheesecake, fritters etc.
    • Calm jars (for parents and children)
    • Home-made body scrub

After our mums had sufficient ‘chill out’ time, we then moved on to drumming session using the DRUMBEAT program. Mums had the opportunity to learn a variety of different rhythms using the djembe drum. The program also included discussion around key areas such as relationships, teamwork, tolerance, and respect.

How many mums joined Eat Play Drum?

This was a very popular course and we had to cap the number of participants due to the number of children requiring babysitting. Throughout the term we had 8 parents come along.

Were there any highlights or special moments you can share from the program? 

Two of our mums provided us with cooking lessons during the program. One mum showed us how to cook a delicious ‘Milky Bar’ cheesecake and the other mum showed us how to cook her children’s favourite vegetable fritters as a snack.

What did our mums have to say about Eat Play Drum?

‘Eat, Play Drum gave me a break from my responsibilities of being a mum and allowed me to be myself for a brief moment. It enabled me to form friendships and create new social groups and lifelines with other mums.’ Shalee

Did you have any final comments you’d like to share about the program?

This was a great course to run and so different from our other parenting courses, where the emphasis is on parent-child relationships and behaviour. It was nice to follow the parents lead and provide activities that they wanted and were interested in. As facilitators, we also had the opportunity to be creative and learn new skills from the parents.

During the program we observed parents interacting with one another in a relaxed atmosphere. They were so supportive and provided links to other services and events. As a result, many of our mums have formed connections and now meet outside the group. We were able to learn so much more about our wonderful mums and their stories during the 8-week course. One of the biggest things we learned was that “everyone has a story”.


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