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Supporting Bilingual Children In Early Childhood Workshop

Supporting Bilingual Children in Early Childhood Workshop

Congratulations to Sanjida, Speech-Language Pathologist from Growing Early Minds for delivering an exceptional workshop on bilingualism in an early childhood setting on Tuesday evening, 14 May 2019 in conjunction with Children First Training.

This tailored and interactive program developed specifically for child care Educators focused on identifying bilingual children and determining whether the reported language difficulties are a result of a true language delay/disorder or whether it’s a language difference.

The workshop also covered the different types of bilingualism, myths surrounding bilingualism, identifying speech-language delays, what to expect and how to support bilingual children in an early childhood setting.

If you work at a preschool, child care centre, outside school hours (OSH) or school and would be interested in running a bilingualism workshop or another workshop we encourage you to take visit the Educator Support page for more details on packages and fees.

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