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Growing Early Minds Toilet Training Tips

Toilet training tips

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents with young children is toilet training toddlers. The most effective time to begin toilet training is between 24 to 32 months of age. Keep in mind that all children develop differently and…

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Benefits Of Macaroni Threading

Benefits of macaroni threading

Macaroni threading is a cheap activity to do at home, and a great way to help develop children’s fine motor skills – the small muscles in their hands. What you need to get started Macaroni – larger macaroni such as…

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Christine Presenting At Educator Workshop

Putting Pretend Play on your Radar workshop

Well done Christine, occupational therapist, from Growing Early Minds on delivering an informative and imaginative workshop on pretend play in an early childhood setting on 25 July 2018. Teaming up with Children First Training, this tailored and interactive workshop designed…

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