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Occupational therapy tactile discs for sensory processing integration

Sensory Processing Disorder – the Ultimate Guide

Can you imagine how it would feel if every sight, sound and touch were unbearably intense? Or if those senses were greatly diminished? The sensory systems are vital for knowing what’s happening in our bodies and interacting with each other…

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Bubbles for kids – six fast and fun activities

Kids blowing bubbles – it’s amazing how something so simple can deliver so much fun and laughter. But did you know this humble activity is part of the toolkit for many therapists working with children? The combination of water and…

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Sensory play – a vital part of child development

Do you ever think about how you navigate your environment and interact with people? Many of us take sensory processing for granted. For children, sensory play is vital for health development. Some children have issues with one or more sensory…

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