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Speech pathologist and child working on communication and language skills

A parent’s guide to developmental language disorder

In every Australian classroom, two children are likely to have developmental language disorder (DLD). October 16 marks International Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, which recognises the vital importance of language for social and emotional development and the people affected by…

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adult woman and girl sitting at a table doing a speech therapy session

The difference between speech and language development

What’s the difference between speech and language? In everyday life, the terms ‘speech’ and ‘language’ are often used interchangeably. However, when health professionals use those terms, they are actually describing two different things. For example, when a speech-language pathologist says…

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woman and child both pointing at a star on a wall to illustrate joint attention

Joint attention – what it is and why it matters

What is joint attention? Joint attention is a behaviour in which two people focus on an object or event, for the purpose of interacting with each other. It is a form of early social and communicative behaviour. Joint attention involves…

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Bubbles for kids – six fast and fun activities

Kids blowing bubbles – it’s amazing how something so simple can deliver so much fun and laughter. But did you know this humble activity is part of the toolkit for many therapists working with children? The combination of water and…

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Speech-language pathologists help children with hearing impairment communicate effectively

Say what? Hearing Awareness Week March 1-7

People often associate hearing loss with seniors, but it also affects many children – potentially impacting their ability to communicate, learn and develop social skills. Ideally, it will be identified early so appropriate intervention can get started, such as therapy…

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Andrea at Educator Workshop

Social communication and ASD in preschool rooms workshop

A group of early childhood educators recently enjoyed learning more about effective communication strategies for supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and social communication difficulties. Run by Andrea, senior speech-language pathologist at Growing Early Minds, the October 17 workshop…

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Sanjida Presenting at Early Childhood Workshop

Supporting Bilingual Children in Early Childhood workshop

Congratulations to Sanjida, Speech-Language Pathologist from Growing Early Minds for delivering an exceptional workshop on bilingualism in an early childhood setting on Tuesday evening, 14 May 2019 in conjunction with Children First Training. This tailored and interactive program developed specifically…

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