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Discover why our team has so much to offer you and your family

The Growing Early Minds team is committed to giving our clients individual care, expert advice and personal attention. With over two decades experience in the early intervention and disability sector, you’ll quickly see why our team has so much to offer you and your family.

Operational staff

Loren Turner

Loren – Business Communications Specialist

Loren is the operations lead for Growing Early Minds. Loren has an extensive administration background working primarily in early childhood. She enjoys working with families to assist them to get the best support they can for their children, and have a positive experience with Growing Early Minds. In her spare time, Loren enjoys studying, watching movies and catching up with friends and family.

Rebecca – Business Support Officer

Rebecca is the Business Support Officer for Growing Early Minds and will be the first point of contact when you call us. Rebecca will be there to support you and your family throughout your entire journey, no matter your concerns or complexities.

Rebecca has experience within the early childhood industry working as an Educator. She enjoys building relationships with children and families, helping them achieve their goals, supporting their needs, and watching the children succeed and blossom.

In her spare time, you can find Rebecca outdoors, spending quality time with family, friends and her fur baby Charli. Rebecca loves exploring and overseas travelling with her fiancé.

Sarah – Accounts Receivable Officer

Sarah is the Accounts Receivable Officer for Growing Early Minds. Sarah has a strong Administration and Accounts background working previously in the sales and manufacturing industries. She has a Certificate III in Business Administration, a Certificate IV in Customer Contact/Telecommunication and a Diploma of Management.

Sarah has always had an interest in working in the health and childcare fields and is looking forward to working with children and their families.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys baking and cake decorating, spending time with her family and friends and weekend trips to the Central Coast.


Sophia Goodwin

Sophia – Practice Lead/Occupational Therapist – BAppSc(OT) – AHPRA

Registration number: OCC0001795012

Sophia is the practice lead – occupational therapist for the Growing Early Minds team. She has a wide variety of experience working with children both in mainstream and disability sectors for over 10 years.

Sophia is able to support children’s motor development, social skills, sensory needs, self care and emotional regulation. She currently has a passion for supporting children who have experienced trauma and is particularly interested in how children’s past experiences impact their abilities to express their emotions, calm themselves down, play with others and maintain relationships. Sophia has experience running group therapy programs such as school readiness and social skills, and has strengths in case management and advocacy for complex families. Sophia has had prior managerial experience in Kenya setting up education and health projects within a community setting. Sophia is currently enjoying managing the Growing Early Minds team through their transition into the NDIS and fostering a positive, holistic approach within the workplace.

In her spare time, Sophia enjoys being active and traveling.

Delfa Kaabi

Delfa – Paediatric Dietitian – BAppSc(Ex&SpSc), MNutDiet – APD

Delfa is the paediatric dietitian in the Growing Early Minds team. She has experience in working with children and their families in clinical and community settings to support them in meeting their nutritional needs and developing a positive relationship with food. Delfa understands the challenges of feeding young children and the need for easy to implement, practical recommendations. Delfa loves nothing more than seeing children thrive to their fullest growth and developmental potential.

At Growing Early Minds, Delfa provides nutrition management care to children presenting with restrictive eating behaviours and food aversions, disability and feeding issues (including autism, cerebral palsy and developmental delays), poor weight gain/faltering growth, overweight and obesity, food intolerances and allergies, nutrient deficiencies and gastrointestinal issues.

Delfa holds a Master degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and has completed extra training to complement her interest in childhood nutrition, including:

  • SOS Approach to Feeding
  • Ellyn Satter’s Feeding Dynamics Model
  • Certificate of Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

In her spare time, Delfa enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Nimi Goh

Nimi – Speech-Language Pathologist – MSpeechPath(Curtin), CPSP

Nimi is a speech-language pathologist in the Growing Early Minds team. Nimi is passionate about supporting and empowering children and their families.

Nimi enjoys working in a range of areas, including language, speech, fluency (stuttering), multimodal communication, and literacy. Nimi has experience working with children with a range of presentations, such as developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and intellectual disability.

During her spare time, Nimi enjoys musicals, trekking in nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Sanjida Sarmin

Sanjida – Speech-Language Pathologist – BSpPath, CPSP, Lidcombe certified, Hanen certified

Sanjida is a speech-language pathologist in the Growing Early Minds team. Sanjida’s areas of experience are in early language development, working with school-aged children, and working with children with developmental delay and with additional needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sanjida is interested in working with families from culturally diverse backgrounds and providing education for families and carers. She is passionate about supporting inclusion in the community.

In her spare time, Sanjida enjoys reading and dinosaurs.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca – Speech-Language Pathologist – BSpPath(Hons), CPSP

Rebecca is a speech-language pathologist registered with Speech Pathology Australia (SPA). She enjoys working with children within a multidisciplinary team and has experience with speech, early language, social skills and additional needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental delay.

Rebecca has a keen interest in early intervention and enjoys working with families to provide them with skills to promote their child’s communication development. She aims to create and implement strategies that are individual to each child and she is excited to be able to work with children in their preschool, school and home environments to reach their goals. Rebecca has additional experience with running school readiness programs and working with clients through Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Rebecca is also Hanen certified and is able to deliver Autism specific parent training programs. She also has 5 years experience as a childcare educator, working with children from 0 to 6 years.

Rebecca enjoys swimming, camping and other outdoor activities.

Yasemin – Speech-Language Pathologist – BSpPath, CPSP

Yasemin is a speech-language pathologist in the Growing Early Minds team. Yasemin completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) at The University of Sydney. She is passionate about working with children and their families to help the child’s learning and development reach its full potential.

Yasemin has experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, developmental delay and down syndrome, in a range of settings. She has experience in assessment and treatment of speech, language, literacy, fluency (stuttering) and multimodal communication.

She is a strong believer in incorporating families in goal setting and providing them with the right tools and strategies to be able to facilitate their child’s communication.

Yasemin is also Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Key Word Sign trained.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the beach.

Andrea Vine

Andrea – Speech-Language Pathologist – BspPath, CPSP

– Currently on maternity leave –

Andrea is a speech-language pathologist who works with children and their families in the Growing Early Minds team.

Andrea enjoys helping families work on their goals around communication, play, behaviour and learning. Andrea has experience supporting children with developmental delay and a range of disabilities. Special interest areas include: infant, toddler and preschool-aged feeding and preschool speech and language. Andrea also has a range of experience in supporting children with difficulties in fluency (stuttering), pre-literacy and school-aged language and literacy.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys walking her puppy dog Beans.

Sarah Howard

Sarah – Occupational Therapist – BEd(Prim), MOccTherapy – AHPRA

Registration number: OCC0002072124

– Currently on maternity leave –

Sarah is an occupational therapist working for the Growing Early Minds team. She completed her Masters of Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney and commenced working as a therapist in the private paediatric setting after graduating. Prior to this, Sarah was working as a qualified primary school teacher working within schools in the northern suburbs.

Over the years, Sarah has enjoyed opportunities to work with families, schools and preschools. She has gained experience supporting preschool and school aged children who need help to overcome gross motor and fine motor difficulties, visual perceptual difficulties, motor planning and coordination disorders, social and play skills and sensory processing differences. Sarah easily and willingly collaborates with parents, teachers and other professionals so their children’s needs can be met at home, in the classroom and in the community. Sarah is excited to work with you and your family.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys getting outdoors, practising yoga, socialising with family and friends and baking treats.

Christine Lee

Christine – Occupational Therapist – BAppSc (OT) – AHPRA

Registration number: OCC0002148386


Christine is an occupational therapist in the Growing Early Minds team. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) at the University of Sydney.

Christine is a motivated and creative therapist who enjoys working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other disciplines to provide support for children of all ages. She has experience working with children with Global Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Difficulties and those on the Autism Spectrum. Christine has provided therapy in a variety of settings, including schools, exploring children’s fine motor and handwriting skills through to their gross motor abilities. She has previous experience running group therapy programs such as School Readiness and gross motor groups.

In her spare time , Christine enjoys exploring new brunch venues, travelling and spending quality time with friends and family.

Natalie Simpson

Natalie – Occupational Therapist – BAppSc (OT) – AHPRA

Registration number: OCC0002142817

Natalie is an occupational therapist in the Growing Early Minds team. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) at The University of Sydney.

Natalie is an enthusiastic therapist who has experience working with children and adolescents in both clinical and community settings. She has experience providing therapy to children in schools, both individual and group settings, to develop handwriting, fine and gross motor skills. Natalie is passionate about discovering each child’s interests and incorporating those into her strategies. Natalie particularly enjoys working collaboratively with families, carers and educators to help children achieve their goals across their school and home environments.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys playing indoor soccer, going to the beach and spending time with her family and friends.

Sashi – Psychologist – BSc Psych (Hons), M Psych (Clinical)

Registration number: PSY0001816697

Sashi is a Psychologist for the Growing Early Minds team. Sashi holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently completing her registrar program to obtain endorsement as a Clinical

Sashi has a variety of experience working with children, adolescents and adults in different mental health settings including community mental health, hospitals and private practice. She enjoys working with families to alleviate mental health issues using a strength-based approach to address issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult and risky behaviour and social skills deficits.

In her spare time, Sashi enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures, food and hiking.

Dominique – Provisional Psychologist – BPsych (Counselling)

Registration number: PSY0002185538

Dominique is a Provisional Psychologist for the Growing Early Minds team. Dominique completed her Bachelor of psychology (Counselling) at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. She is currently completing her provisional registration.

Dominique is passionate about working with children and their families, and has a keen interest in working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, developmental disabilities, social skills and emotion regulation difficulties. She has experience working in the field of disability, child protection, early intervention, and mental health. Her practice includes, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Positive Behaviour Support, and applying principles of Applied behaviour Analysis (ABA). Dominique is accredited to facilitate Emotion Coaching and Circle of Security© parenting programs.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, nature walking, and watching rugby (depends who is playing).

Kimberly Amurao

Kimberley – Behaviour Support Practitioner – BA(Psych), MSpecEd

Kimberley is a behaviour support practitioner who holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) as well as a Master of Special Education. Kim has worked with Growing Early Minds for 3 years and has had experience working with children aged 0-12 of varying abilities in home, school and clinical settings. Kim is able to assist with implementing Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies, upskilling families on parenting strategies, teaching social skills and emotional regulation skills, and developing behaviour intervention plans.

Kim continually endeavours to utilize evidence-based practices in order to enact long-term, meaningful change and best facilitate the inclusion of each child. Kim has assisted with social skills groups and school readiness groups, and enjoys being involved in community events. Kim has been involved with the ECEI approach since its rollout in Sydney and is able to assist families with a smooth transition into the NDIS. She believes in a family centred approach and ensures families are involved in the goal setting and intervention process.

In her spare time, you will usually find Kim baking, trying out new restaurants or traveling.

Familylinks team

Jeanette Lord

Jeanette – Familylinks Coordinator – Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Jeanette has over 20 years experience working in and managing early childhood settings including long day care, preschool, supported playgroups and outside of school hours (OOSH) services.

Jeanette has a keen interest in helping children with special needs and completed a specialisation in special education as part of her degree. As a result, one of Jeanette’s roles included special education teacher within a preschool. Jeanette has also worked on several projects that support inclusion. These roles have involved working alongside early childhood educators to increase their skills and knowledge to enable them to better support children with special needs within their services.

Jeanette was responsible for setting up the Familylinks project and found this to be a challenging and rewarding experience. This project has provided her with the opportunity to work alongside parents in supporting their children’s development and in providing support to parents in their parenting role.

Jeanette is accredited to facilitate DRUMBEAT®, Parent-Child Mother Goose, 1,2,3 Magic & Emotion Coaching and Circle of Security© parenting programs.

Jeanette is passionate about early literacy, social justice and supporting children with additional needs. She is fascinated by brain research and attachment theory. Jeanette endeavours to provide all children with the opportunity to reach their full potential by providing the best possible start in the early years.

Donna Windle

Donna – Program Facilitator

Donna holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. She has worked in different roles in various settings including long day care, preschool and occasional care.

Donna is an accredited DRUMBEAT facilitator. She is also trained to facilitate 1,2,3 Magic & Emotion Coaching. Donna is fully qualified to facilitate the level 1 Parent-Child Mother Goose program and is currently completing training for the second level.

Donna is committed to building relationships with families and providing them with support.

Executive General Manager

Dylan Reynolds

Dylan – Executive General Manager

Dylan is an experienced executive with a diverse work history encompassing senior roles within a range of private and NGO organisations. With extensive experience managing complex, large-scale project teams, Dylan brings an innovative and analytical perspective in all professional areas.

Since 2006 Dylan has successfully worked in a range of senior management and executive roles within the human services area. These include 3 years as the policy and community development manager for NSW largest Aboriginal children service. He has also worked five years in the peak body organisation for disability organisations leading capacity building business development projects to prepare the sector for the transition of the NDIS.

With exceptional professional networks within the human services space at both a state and national level, Dylan’s real strengths include project management, business development, strategic planning, quality management, staff development and change management. Dylan’s professional background also enables him to talk with authority in matters regarding social policy development, legislative frameworks and sector advocacy.

With a passion for forging cross-sectoral partnerships and identifying sustainable pathways to achieve growth and development, Dylan brings an innovative business-driven approach to the family services portfolio.

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