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In this day and age geography and distance are no longer a barrier to accessing quality health services. Using the latest technology Growing Early Minds can help you access telehealth services while also eliminating travel time and increasing your choice in service providers outside your immediate local area.

Does your child need a little extra support, have a developmental delay or disability?

Location is no barrier! Let’s build foundational skills to help your child perform at their best.

Experience with complex needs, developmental delay or disability.

Start your journey by completing our referral form today!

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a new and exciting service offered by Growing Early Minds. This new initiative allows us to use a range of technology options to assist you in planning the therapy services that best suit the needs of you and your family. It also provides families that reside in remote, regional or interstate locations who might otherwise miss out or have a limited choice of service providers access to quality allied health services. All families can access our telehealth services, no matter if you live 5km or 500km from our office.

Telehealth services involve utilising technology such as video conferencing, video sharing, instant messaging, email, telephone and if possible, face-to-face time to provide therapy services that best meet your families needs.

Families can access the following allied health services via telehealth:

Our professional therapy team has extensive experience in using telehealth technology to assess and deliver tailor-made, evidence-based services for children who have experienced trauma, complex needs, developmental delay or disability, including Autism.

Telehealth Allied Health Services

Why are telehealth services so important?

There are a number of benefits to using telehealth technology. Telehealth services can:

  • Eliminate travel times for people who live in rural areas or far away from health services
  • Increase the choice of service providers, greatly widening options for patients outside their immediate area
  • Address workforce and access issues for consumers with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other health conditions
  • Enhance client care by facilitating the information exchange between inter-professional teams
  • Reduce the need for clinicians to travel and means they can see more patients in a day

The AHPA and its members strongly advocate for telehealth as a way of improving access to allied health services for people who may otherwise struggle to access care. You can read their position statement here.

Who can access telehealth services with Growing Early Minds?

Funding for telehealth services differs depending on the service pathway. Therapists at Growing Early Minds can see anyone via telehealth technology, including:

  • Full fee-paying clients
  • NDIS patients

For Medicare patients, there are currently no telehealth item numbers for allied health services. However, you can access psychology under the Better Access Initiative.

Unfortunately, private health cover doesn’t have provisions for telehealth services at this time.

How does a telehealth service appointment work?

In many ways, a telehealth appointment is just like seeing any other specialist health care provider appointment. Instead of driving to a clinic, or catching public transport, your face-to-face appointment is virtual.

All of our consultations are delivered via a secure and totally private technology. Your confidentiality is important to us and at no time is your session recorded or shared with anyone who isn’t present without consent.

How do I arrange a telehealth appointment for my child?

Step 1: If you feel a telehealth session with a Growing Early Minds allied health care professional might be beneficial contact us today. You don’t need a referral from a GP or paediatrician. We will discuss with you the best pathway, fees and provide you with our referral form, along with any other important information we’ve discussed. Alternatively, you can download our referral form directly from our website.

Step 2: After you complete and submit our referral form we will finalise a service agreement and contact you to discuss and book your first consultation.

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